If you browse through our gallery and have kept up with our blog posts, it’s likely that you already know that a decorative glass door can enhance the appearance and appeal of nearly every space in your home. But after looking at these resources, if you’re still not sure where to place custom glass doors in your home, take a look at this list of some of the places our clients commonly put our products.

Your Front Door

Your front door is one of the defining visual elements of the aesthetics of your home. Rather than using a solid door that might give off an air of seclusion and isolation, using a decorative glass door is a great way to change the mood and appearance of your home. Glass lets in beautiful natural light that helps your front entryways feel more open, and welcoming.

Interior Doors throughout Your Home

When used in key places throughout your home, a decorative glass door is a great way to add to the ambiance of a room. For example, dining rooms benefit from glass doors as it allows ambient light from halls and other rooms to filter, helping to illuminate the space. Even more private spaces like your office or study could benefit from the use of decorative glass doors. Rather than being interrupted by a knock on the door, your visitors can quickly peek inside to see if you’re busy or not. While some doors like bedrooms may need a solid door, having glass doors throughout the home can help your living spaces feel larger and more connected.

Cabinet Pantry Doors

The way we decorate our kitchens has changed dramatically in the last few years. As it is becoming increasingly more a place to gather together and not just to cook, homeowners looking for creative ways to make the space more inviting. Adding decorative glass doors to your kitchen cabinets is not only a way to add visual intrigue to the space, but also to add a practical element to it. With their glass fronts, you can quickly identify what goes where or even gives you the chance to show off your special China. This makes it easier for your visitors to find the right serving ware and utensils. Additionally, you’ll find that the light that filters into your kitchen plays across the glass doors in an intriguing way, brightening up the appearance of your kitchen.

The Windows of Your Sunroom

Perhaps this is a given, but your sunroom could be completely transformed with the addition of decorative glass windows and doors. You value the space already for the amount of natural light that pours into it and the addition of decorative glass adds complex shapes and patterns as the sun moves across the sky throughout the day.

Add Timeless Beauty To Your Temecula Home

Really, there are no wrong places for decorative glass in your home. If you’re curious as to how you can add our beautiful glass to your home, connect with us today. Our designers are happy to help craft a layout that works for your home.