A front entryway is more than just a door. In this blog, the Temecula glass door design experts will give you a few tips for improving your front entryway for better curb appeal and home value.

A Stunning Walkway

The best front entrances lead and guide guests right to the front door—and the best way to accomplish this is to build a beautiful walkway. Clay brick pavers are a classic walkway option that add warmth to your front yard, while other materials like poured concrete and gravel can have a huge design impact at an affordable price.

Walkways are also a great opportunity to bring some curvier, organic lines into your yard—in a world with rectangular houses and rectangular plots of land, it’s nice to bring a winding walkway into the mix to break things up.

Creating a gravel or stone paver walkway is inexpensive and easy for even the most inexperienced of DIYers—so if you’re looking to update your front yard on a tight budget, these are great options to spruce things up!

The Perfect Pergola

Pergolas are often known for their applications in backyards, but smaller pergolas are an excellent addition for front entryways as well! Pergolas come in many design styles and materials, and they’re relatively easy to set up and install as long as you have a few handy helpers on the job.

Most importantly, pergolas set your front entry apart from the rest of your front yard, creating a stunning focal point that commands attention and makes your home look more regal and luxurious. Plus, you’ll improve your curb appeal and boost your ROI on your front yard improvement project.

A Bigger Front Porch

Who doesn’t want a larger front porch? This essential home space adds livable square footage to your home, turns your front entrance into a powerful focal point, and provides you with a great spot to sip on sweet tea and crispy cans of suds while enjoying the weather and scenery.

This is definitely a job for a professional—a poorly constructed front porch will age faster, ruining your initial investment. A great, well-built front porch will last for decades, and will improve your the look and value of your home.

Nicer Address Numbers

Beauty is in the tiny details, especially when it comes to your front entryway. If you have the same dingy brass address numbers from 1973, it’s time to upgrade and modernize this small detail for a big design boost.

Choose a more modern typeface for your numbers to make things sleek and hip, or opt for a classic typeface to match your classic home style. Whatever the case, make sure these numbers are beautiful and visible—your local pizza delivery guy and postman will both thank you for it.

A Beautiful Glass Door

Nothing is more important to your front entryway than the literal front entryway: you door. But not all front doors are created equal. You door can provide a ton of style and make a huge personality statement—or it can fade into curb appeal obscurity.

Don’t let your front door underwhelm—call the team at Your Door, Our Glass. We’re happy to add glass inserts into your door to make it the talk of the neighborhood. Schedule an appointment with us today!