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As a business owner, you take pride in helping the customers you serve each and every day. Whether you are a small business store selling clothing, candy, or equipment for a specific industry, the appeal of your store for consumers can be the difference between them stopping by and potentially converting into sales, or continuing to prowl for the next business.

One way to help increase the foot traffic you receive is by having glass doors at the entrance of your building. If you have solid and opaque doors in your business location, you may not be able to convince potential consumers to stop into the store because they will not be able to see into it or the potential product offerings you specialize in. There are many different types of glass doors, allowing you to have the freedom of aligning your glass door to the overall aesthetic or mood of your business.

Here at Your Door Our Glass, we specialize in providing beautiful and often elegant doors for our clients. These doors often find use in home-type settings, but we are also happy to work with your business to implement the best possible glass door that will attract flocks of consumers. Read on to learn more about the benefits received from a glass door entrance in your commercial space, and be sure to check out all of our product offerings on our website!

Glass Doors Make Your Business More Attractive

When it comes to your business, the overall aesthetic of the location is just as (if not more) important as what you actually do to conduct day-to-day business. You could sell the best products for the largest market there is in your area, but if your building looks like a gloomy scene from an old horror movie, then you will inherently scare away more consumers than you may even realize.

Upon arrival to your business, one of the most noticeable features of a business location to consumers is the front entrance. After all, your consumers will have to physically walk through the entrance to be able to explore the goods that you offer inside. If potential consumers see a dark or standoffish door right away, they will tend to lose interest in your business, even if it is unintentional.

To help make your business look more attractive to those who purposefully or unintentionally stumble upon your business is to incorporate an attractive glass door entrance. This will make it seem like it is important. By having a beautiful glass door entrance, the location will look like it actually receives natural light and is a place that contains items that they will want to purchase.

Glass Doors Make Your Location More Inviting

Image Of Scary BuildingGoing back to the point of a business looking like a horror movie scene, a lot of this stigma stems from the doors set in place at the building. While there are some businesses that look nice with big and heavy wooden doors that scream exclusivity, chances are your business needs to have an overall vibe that it’s welcoming.

In order to create a place of invitation and inclusion, use a glass door. It will help evoke that feeling of comfort just by simply being present. Your business may have repeat consumers that know exactly what your business is about, so this section of benefits is geared more towards those potential customers who are out and about, and unfamiliar with your business practices or principles. When potential consumers are walking around and exploring the shops in the local area, a business with glass doors will make them feel welcomed and not feel like they are walking into a trap. Creating a welcoming storefront through the installation of a glass door on your commercial property will increase foot traffic, which will stimulate increased revenue, even if some are coming in just to visit a friendly and welcoming looking business.

Glass Doors Help Display The Products To Attract Passers-By

This section, again, is geared more towards visitors or people who are unfamiliar with your business location or practices. A commercial building with opaque doors lets consumers know absolutely nothing about your business, so they will have to rely on instinct and your outer decorations to determine if it is a facility that they will actually want to enter into (as opposed to them continuing their walk or running the other way).

Image Of Man With Open Sign At Glass DoorBy installing a glass door into your business’ front entrance, you will be able to display your most popular or newest products immediately to those who are passing by. This is a great idea especially for businesses that continually change their product offerings for varying seasons or holidays. You can use your glass door as a marketing tactic to attract different crowds at different times of the year, month, or even day. The glass door will help get people into the door, and whether the products sell themselves or you utilize your selling strategies face-to-face with the customers, you will see increased foot traffic regardless.

Another benefit related to attracting foot traffic into your store is that with glass doors, other people will be able to see that your store is becoming popular among the foot traffic crowds. Because shoppers often have a “pack mentality,” stores that appear busy will attract more shoppers, because they all want the validity of visiting the “hip” and “cool” locations. While an attractive glass door design can enhance this mentality in shoppers, maintaining your old and opaque door can reverse this feeling, making consumers think that it is a “dead” business.

Beautiful Glass Doors From Your Door Our Glass

We hope that this blog has helped open your mind to the possibilities hidden behind a transparent door. If you feel you are ready to take the leap into glass doors for your commercial property, be sure to contact us to set up a consultation to see how we can enhance your visibility and credibility among consumers!