Glass door designs should reflect the unique appearance and values of your home. At Your Door Our Glass, we use proven methods to create amazing custom glass door designs for your home in Temecula. We start our process by removing a portion of your door and replacing it with the glass insert that we design for you. The end result is a stunning art piece that you enjoy every time you walk through your front door. Our glass door designs also look great in other living spaces. On our blog, you’ll find articles and posts all about our products, process, and some of the pieces we’ve crafted recently.

  1. Image of Glass Door Business Entrance

    How Glass Doors Can Enhance Your Business

    As a business owner, you take pride in helping the customers you serve each and every day. Whether you are a small business store selling clothing, candy, or equipment for a specific industry, the appeal of your store for consumers can be the difference between them stopping by and potentially converting into sales, or continuing to prowl for the next business. One way to help increase the foot tr…Read More

  2. Why You Should Let Natural Light Into Your Home

    Perhaps the first comment we get from all our customers after we've finished installing a decorative glass door in their Temecula home is "there's just so much light!" Natural light has a way of making nearly every home feel more welcoming and attractive. While the aesthetic value of a custom glass door design is obvious, letting natural light in your home offers more value than you may realize. A…Read More

  3. The Hottest Door Trends in 2018

    As the Temecula glass door design experts, Your Door Our Glass knows a thing or two about the hottest trends in doors. Today, we’ll take a look at some door designs, finishes, and colors that are coming in hot in 2018. Grey Interior Doors White doors and black doors will always have their place in modern interior design—but how about something in between? Grey doors are an unexpected, yet deli…Read More

  4. More Than Just A Door

    As the Temecula glass door design experts, Your Door Our Glass has blogged at great length about glass doors, door inserts, front entryways, and just about anything else related to doors. After all, someone has to provide people with excellent door information and glass door insert options. However, we haven’t taken the time to properly celebrate the door and understand its place beyond your doo…Read More

  5. Want a New Glass Door? Read This First

    A glass front door can be a beautiful addition to just about any home—the one-of-a-kind design elements and added natural light will improve your curb appeal and the look of your space on the other side of the door, too. However, not all homes are great choices for a glass front door. Before your get too excited about purchasing a glass front door, let the Temecula glass door design experts give…Read More

  6. Your DIY Front Door Makeover

    Your door has good bones—it’s strong, sturdy, and dependable. It’s done you and home well for many years, and it has many good years ahead of it. However, it’s looking dingier and dingier by the day. It wouldn’t feel right to just toss the door and replace it with a new one—you love your door too much for that. Instead, it’s time to give your door a facelift. In this blog, the Temecu…Read More

  7. Enhancing Your Front Entry

    A front entryway is more than just a door. In this blog, the Temecula glass door design experts will give you a few tips for improving your front entryway for better curb appeal and home value. A Stunning Walkway The best front entrances lead and guide guests right to the front door—and the best way to accomplish this is to build a beautiful walkway. Clay brick pavers are a classic walkway optio…Read More

  8. Summer Curb Appeal Tips, Part 2

    In our previous blog, Temecula’s glass door design experts covered a few ways that you can improve the curb appeal of your home. We’ll continue on that topic here, with even more ways to spruce up your home for improved resale value and more thorough enjoyment of your outdoor space. Get rid of the lawn altogether. Having no lawn at all is better than a nasty, bald-spot-riddled one—so if you…Read More

  9. Summer Curb Appeal Tips, Part 1

    Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, and the sun is shining—just a few of the many signs that it’s another beautiful summer in Temecula. But does the beauty of your home match the beauty of the summer? In this blog, Temecula’s glass door design experts at Your Door Our Glass will give you some tips on improving your home’s curb appeal, so you (and your envious neighbors) can enjoy your …Read More

  10. Benefits of Natural Lighting

    Natural lighting can add a comforting feeling to your home, and can create more light in what would normally be dark places in your home. Natural lighting can have a variety of benefits for your home, and Your Door Our Glass can easily transform your doors in your house into beautiful, decorative glass doors that enhance natural lighting in your home. We carefully take a portion of your door and i…Read More